A History of Excellence.  Bach Corporation was founded by President and CEO, Dale L. Rindlisbacher in 1976. Forty years later, what began as a family business with just two employees, has grown to become a highly reputable property management and development company.

Over 40 years of Excellence

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide residents a desirable quality of life in a safe apartment community, to provide employees with opportunities for personal and professional development, and to provide property owners with profitable real estate assets.  To our residents, we are dedicated to delivering a clean and safe home environment through maintaining high quality apartment units, keeping the community grounds clean and inviting, and treating each resident with courtesy and respect.  To our employees we are committed to help grow personally and professionally through constant training, performance evaluations, empowerment and recognition for excellence in the workplace.  We believe that the success of the company lies in the hands of our employees, and that encouraging them, recognizing them and providing opportunities for growth will translate to ongoing success.  To our property owners and investors we are dedicated to maintain maximum profitability of the real estate assets.  We recognize that the profitability and value of a community is largely based on the quality and service provided by management to the residents.  Therefore, we are committed to providing high quality management services that are focused on resident satisfaction and employee empowerment that will result in maximized asset value.